Nintendo Switch is wanted more than PS4 Pro or Project Scorpio

A new study published a few days ago confirm that gamers are more curious about the performance of the new Nintendo Switch than the PS4 Pro or the imminent Project Scorpio.

The gaming consoles are not necessarily cheap. Most of them are over 300$, and the PlayStation 4 Pro is over 400$. The future Xbox Project Scorpio, shortly after the launch, will also have a purchase value of about 400$. For this reason, a possible purchase decision would be good to involve a previously developed study.

All these should be taken into consideration because it would be a pity to anchor yourself to a gaming platform that does not have a remarkable interest for the major developers of the industry. A rich community of gamers in the back if also an important detail to consider.

To the surprise of those who though the fight for the best console is being played exclusively between Xbox and PlayStation, they will be amazed  of the conclusion of the Nielson report. From this document appears that Nintendo Switch has been able to generate the greatest interest among those who are thinking to buy a console in the near future.

No less than 16% of gamers with age over 13 have confirmed that they will probably buy a Nintendo Switch. The next position was occupied by PS4 Pro with 15% and Project Scorpio from Microsoft by 13%. It is worth noting the fact that the Redmond giant’s future console was not officially launched, but the US company has already made significant investments in promoting it and it seems that the solutions adopted were not necessarily enough.

Leaving aside the gamers, among the average internet users that were asked, 12% have confirmed that they are thinking about Switch when it comes to a future console, while 11% dream of a PS4 Pro. Only 9% want a Project Scorpio pretty much. In other news, even Nintendo people have announced a few weeks after launching the new Switch that they fail to produce it fast enough to meet the demand.